White noise




Turn away girl when you talk to me
Junk nation I am sick of you
Wish I could put my head in the sand
Information like a cartoon
my girl my girl I wanna feel
Fake world my girl you make it real
My girl my girl I wanna feel
Fake world my girl you make me real
Bitch you make me real
And when I see you
Everywhere I turn every time I see their faces around
I feel like I’m just another hollow man lost in the crowd
When you cut yourself up feels like I’m doing it to myself
I wanna smell you I wanna touch you I wanna feel you like a wild dog
Fake tits big lips mummy buy me a new body
Blow up dolls nylon thongs and french perfume
Liposuction depilation hard porn pop corn rock hard implants for graduation
Fast food hollywood do it cause it feels good nip and fuck what the fuck
If you mess up they can cut you up again botox silicone bad luck you’re still alone
Superficial artificial you’re just a piece of meat yeah get your pussy on the dance floor
Sound bites politicians U.F.O.s on the news think big
It’s all one commercial break
White noise white trash everywhere I go it’s all the same shit
White noise white trash everywhere I look it’s all the same crap
You’re empty take a pill
Unhappy take a pill
You’re hungry take a pill
Too tired take a pill
Can’t sleep take a pill
Braindead take a pill
Can’t fuck take a pill
Or join the army
Yeah yeah!


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